Personal Training Services
in Bury St Edmunds

All the services below are available from £35 per hour and will be tailor-made for each individual client. They can be taken on an individual basis or as part of a longer term fitness/health plan. Block booking discounts available. Additionally we can cater for groups of people. Bring a friend, if you like!

• Fitness & Endurance

• Weight Training

• Sports Conditioning

• Nutrition

• Resistance Training

• Flexibility & Mobility

• Water Training

• Active Recovery

• Breathe Easy

• Osteocise

• Otago Falls Prevention*

*The Otago falls prevention exercise programme is a clinically proven activity which can prevent falls by 30% for older people. This course is backed by the government and supported by physiotherapsts around the world.

The Breathe Easy programme includes Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates based moves, while the Osteocise programme aims to help prevent osteo-arthiritis and osteoporosis.

Sam has 20 years experience in the fitness industry and enjoys working one-to-one as well as the group classes.

Sam has a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and holds a diploma in nutrition and nutrition therapy. This means along with the right exercises Sam will be happy to complete your personal program by identifying your body's needs through 'muscle testing' as well as your future requirements.